Bart Ruisch

Ervaren Interim Manager en Expert in Marketing, E-commerce, en Digital Business Development(1980).

Gedegen kennis en ervaring, komt snel tot de kern van zaken, groot aanpassingsvermogen en een passie voor het samen realiseren van duurzame groei en continue verbetering.

Brengt visie, focus en rust voor een team of organisatie. Laat mensen excelleren door vertrouwen, verantwoordelijkheid en plezier. Samen werken aan het behalen van ambitieuze doelstellingen. Elke dag weer. Met kwaliteit boven alles.

Oprecht, analytisch sterk, vasthoudend en neemt beslissingen op basis van feiten en data.

Sterk in dynamische werkomgevingen en rots in de branding  bij impactvolle verandertrajecten.

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Interim Management

Hire me as an interim manager or team lead. A personal, clear and coaching management style. Brings vision, confidence, and quality. Team oriented with a strong focus on shared goals and successes.

Digital Marketing & Strategy

Determined to help you set and reach your goals. Investing your marketing € as effective as possible. Strong strategic skills combined with thorough knowledge of the digital marketing channels, software and trends.


From strategy to execution. Working towards the best in class digital customer experience, driving revenue growth, conversion rate optimization or new business development. Customer focused and KPI driven.

Digital Development & Transformation

Sr. Product Owner for digital product- and business development projects. Experienced in developing e-commerce webshops, new product development and digital customer service.

Interim Jobs & Projects

E-commerce Manager

In previous interim roles as an E-commerce Country Manager responsible for commercial results of, an international scale up and no.1 Benelux brand in sports nutrition, supplements and diet products. Also experienced in B2B E-commerce at LeasePlan i.a.

Marketing Manager

With my thorough knowledge of digital marketing channels & tools, strong strategic marketing skills, personal approach and passion for data, I love to help out clients with their marketing challenges. As a manager and/or strategist. See my resume for detailed experiences at Landal Greenparks i.a.

Sr. Product Owner E-commerce

Several clients hired me as a Product Owner. For different financial service providers, I worked on digital product - & service development projects. At LeasePlan I was Product Owner for the E-commerce scrum team, where we successfully developed and introduced two new products on the B2B platform – leads grew with +30%.

Strategic Marketing Consultant

No long and expensive reports but pragmatic advice! An expert view on your business giving you insights into growth opportunities. ‘Low hanging fruit’ to start working on the same day or strategic steps to take for long term sustainable growth. Contact me to know more.

Growth Marketing

I will help you achieve sustainable growth for your business. Direct impact from day one!


Startup, scale up, of large company. The fierce online competition and the rapidly changing environment asks for a clear positioning of your product or brand. Bringing a good dose of branding knowledge, strategic marketing skills and experiences at Reaal, Landal Greenparks, Body & Fit and Building Careers, I will help you develop a brand strategy, positioning and online activation.

Business Development Manager

E-commerce Market development and – introduction, new online sales channels or initiating new marketing partnerships. Those are all examples of projects and challenges I worked on for clients from various industries. See my resume for more information or contact me.